Hookah Coals

Quick-Light Coals

Quick-Light Charcoal is great for travelling, or for use when a stove is not readily available. They are layered with accelerant which allows for this kind of hookah coal to be lit with a lighter.

quick light hookah coals
Three Kings quick light hookah coals

Sindbad (2 pack) $0.99
Falcon Coals $1.49
Fujima $2.99
Three Kings (33mm) $2.99
Three Kings (40mm) $3.99
Pharaoh’s $2.99
Potion $9.99

Natural Coals

No chemical accelerant.  Best heated on a coil stove top.

Coco Nara Coals
Coco Nara Coals

Coco Nara

16pk – $3.99 | 45pk $7.99 | 108pk $14.99

Pharaoh’s Fantasia Air-Flow

84pk – $14.99 | 9pk – $2.99


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