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How to fix hookah burned carpet!

Easily Repair Burned Carpets!

Have you ever dropped a coal on your carpet, only to have a nasty burn? I think it’s happened to every serious hookah smoker at least once. But don’t worry – your security deposit isn’t gone yet! It’s pretty easy to fix your mildly burned carpets.

Step 1

Step 1

After the burn has set, and the spot has cooled, take the rough edge of your tongs and ruff up the carpet a little. This will break up some of that burnt carpet. Don’t do this too hard or you will ruin the carpet!

Step 2

step 2

Apply some carpet cleaner to the burned area, and scrub it around. We want to get the burned area clean so our repairs stick! Take a clean towel and blot the area until its dry.

Step 3step 3

Try to find a concealed piece of spare carpet. In the corner of a closet works. The idea is to get a small square of carpet from somewhere it won’t be missed from.

Step 4step 4

Cut out as much of the burned area as you can. This should leave a bald spot on the carpet.

Step 5step 5

Cut a small piece of your spare carpet to match the size of your hole. Pull all the lose pieces off. Put a little bit of super glue on the bottom of your cut-to-size spare piece, and press it into place.

step 6

Step 6

Use your carpet scrubbing brush and gently rub over the area to smooth it over.

Your carpet should now be repaired! Next time, don’t drop the coals 😉